about me

I study computational models of neural adaptation and gain control at NYU, supervised by Eero Simoncelli and David Heeger. I spend most of my time training and simulating neural networks, and formulating unsupervised-learning objective functions.

I'm a born-and-raised Canadian; and before coming to the US, I completed my BSc in Physiology and Physics at McGill University. I received my MSc from the University of Western Ontario, studying normalization models of attention in prefrontal cortex under the supervision of Julio Martinez-Trujillo.

My technical interests include machine learning in computer vision, numerical linear algebra, and scientific computing. Outside of research, I enjoy playing jazz guitar, cycling, and running.

pronouncing my family name, Dương: Vietnamese is a tonal language so it's hard to describe via text, but saying "Yuh-ng" will get you close. Most pronounce it like "Dew-ong"/"Dwong", which is also fine.

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